OxLUG Linux Install Day 2002

Following on from the success of last year's national Linux Install Day, we are taking part in another national event. OxLUG will be running its install day from 10am to 6pm on Sunday 26th May, at the 22nd Oxford Sea Scout Hall, Meadow Lane (off Donnington Bridge Road), in Oxford.

Whether you are a home user wanting to try out Linux, or are in business wanting to find out how you could benefit from it, come along to our event. We can guide you through installing Linux, supply you with a version to suit your needs and answer any questions you might have. Fill in the form at http://www.oxlug.org/linuxday/register.shtml and bring your computer along on the day! We're also very happy to try to help you to fix any problems you might be having with an existing Linux installation.

What to bring to the install day

We also plan to run a series of talks in May and June to complement the day, as well as some short talks which will run "on demand" on the install day itself. Each talk and the install day itself should stand on its own, so if you can only make it to some of the events do come along anyway.

These talks (with the exception of those on the install day itself) will be held in the centre of Oxford - see the venue page for more information.

  • Sunday 19th May - 6:30pm, Comlab - "What is this thing called Linux?"

    An introduction to Linux and OxLUG and an overview of the installation procedure. Come along to find out more about Linux and to meet members of OxLUG, either at the talk or in the Lamb & Flag pub afterwards.

  • Sunday 26th May (install day) :
    • Demos of desktop apps on demand throughout the day
    • Internet connection configuration, 11am and 3pm

  • Sunday 2nd June - 6:30pm, Comlab - "Putting Linux to work"

    Installing new programs, configuring your system.

  • Sunday 9th June - 6:30pm, Comlab - "Linux - Under the bonnet"

    Under the hood - guide to the filesystem and common utilities.

Venue information

If you have any queries regarding the event, please get in touch either by emailing events@oxlug.org or phoning Ganesh Sittampalam on 07968 253467.

You can read the press release.

This year's event is being coordinated nationally by Dorset Linux User Group. Information about our 2001 event can be found here.