OxLUG Linux Day - what to bring

Below is a list of what to bring to the event if you want to install Linux:
  • Computer (base unit)
  • Keyboard (and mouse if required)
  • Monitor (let us know if you are absolutely unable to bring a monitor, and you do not require a graphical interface setting up)
  • Power cables - preferably with a 4-way trailing socket.
  • Manuals for your computer - often they will not be necessary but it can save a lot of time.
  • Network cable if you have an ethernet card
Note: It may be necessary to reinstall windows in a dual-boot configuration in order to install Linux. If you are concerned about not touching your existing OS configuration, you could consider finding a second hand hard disk of a gigabyte or so (or less for a non-graphical install). Otherwise, please back up any important data. You will be required to sign a disclaimer absolving OxLUG of responsibility for your data. (sorry, we have to cover ourselves!)